Kitsap ACES

(Alternative Community Educational Society)

KACES-logo-cardACES is a 501c7 private membership organization that is dedicated to the Alternative Lifestyle Communities on the Peninsula to provide a safe place to socialize  as a United Community whether it be Leather, BDSM or LGBTQ.

Our goal is to serve as a unifying process where our various initiatives are focusing on the creation of the social club where Alternative Lifestyles may come together in unity.

We are a members only organization and not open to the general public. We are currently hosting various workshops for the education for those who are interested in learning more on the aspect of Safe, Sane and Consensual and/or Risk Aware Consensual Kink activities for those 19 years or older.

ACES Mission



To establish and maintain a community network for the support and education of those in the Fetish, Leather, Alternative, BDSM, etc lifestyles; fostering learning, understanding, communication and tolerance among all alternative lifestyles and experience levels, regardless of gender, orientation or race and full inclusion of differently-abled persons.